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EJ Muliti-purpose sterilizer is :


By applying the high-performance semi-permanent dust filter, the product can sterilize various goods, such as smartphones, dolls, and toys under the general mode. It boasts excellent cost-effectiveness as there is no need to purchase a sterilizer separately.


1- Multi-purpose sterilization for books, toys, cell phones, accessories, etc.

2- Four~Six Philips genuine ultraviolet lamps (10W, two for upper and lower parts each) 

are used

3- Setting operating time according to pollution level (1 min. - 5 min.)

4- Excellent durability and 

easy operation

5- High-performance washable dust filter completely blocks secondary harmful substances

6- Compact and lightweight for convenient movement and 

easy installation

7- Low-noise powerful fan with excellent durability installed

8-Sensor automatically stops operation when the door is opened to ensure safe usage